Plastistrength® Acrylic Processing Aids

Plastistrength acrylic processing aids

Plastistrength® acrylic processing aids enhance the extrusion or injection molding performance of PVC compounds by promoting fusion, improving melt strength, eliminating surface defects, and decreasing plate out. Plastistrength® acrylic processing aids also improve metal release and surface finish properties in extrusion or calendering. Formulators can optimize vinyl compounds and use less stearate, oxidized polyethylene, or paraffin wax with Plastistrength® acrylic processing aids.

Products in product range

Plastistrength® 530 is a very high molecular weight acrylic process aid. It offers enhanced processability for high output extrusion. This acrylic processing aid is ideal for applications such as profiles, foam pipe, foam profiles, foam sheet, wood composites and flexible vinyl.
Plastistrength® 550 is a medium molecular-weight acrylic process aid that brings enhanced processability to most rigid and flexible vinyl compounds such as siding, profile, pipe, calendered sheet and blow-molded bottles.
Plastistrength® 551 is a medium molecular weight acrylic process aid. It brings enhanced processability at low use levels to most rigid and flexible vinyl compounds. This acrylic processing aid is recommended for applications like vinyl siding, profiles and calendering.
Plastistrength® 576 is an advanced high molecular weight acrylic process aid that offers outstanding melt strength, excellent melt elongation and enhanced fusion promotion. It can be used to promote fusion in highly filled compounds, or used in PVC foam applications to allow for lower temperature processing, or used anywhere improved fusion performance is desired. Patents pending.
Plastistrength® 770 is a lubricating acrylic process aid that provides enhanced processability from its unique metal release properties that it imparts to vinyl compounds. This lubricating acrylic process aid is recommended where good metal release from processing equipment is required. Applications inludes high-speed extrusion, calendering, injection molding and blow molding.
Plastistrength® L1000 is a highly-efficient acrylic lubricant that offers excellent benefits to PVC compounders and processors. Plastistrength® L1000 provides excellent metal release characteristics because of its unique lubricating properties. Due to its high-efficiency and low use levels, this lubricanting process aid has little effect on clarity, heat stability, chemical resistance and physical properties.

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