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Arkema plastic additives for fence, deck and rail applications

Arkema’s plastic additive product range offers a variety of products for fence, deck and rail applications including Clearstrength®, Durastrength® and Plastistrength®.


Clearstrength® impact modifiers from Arkema have been designed to offer exceptional impact resistance at both ambient and low temperatures.

Durastrength® impact modifiers

The Durastrength® acrylic impact modifier product line provides excellent performance/cost in PVC profiles, as well as greater impact strength at low temperatures.


Durastrength® provides products for fence, deck and rails including the following:

Durastrength® 320 is an acrylic impact modifier designed to pass the necessary critical impact test procedures while providing outstanding weatherability

Durastrength® 3000 is a low-cost acrylic impact modifier that can be used in place of alternative, non-acrylic impact modifiers, yet retains the processing advantages offered by traditional acrylic impact modifiers

Durastrength® 510 is a multi-functional acrylic modifier that provides excellent impact properties and processability to rigid and vinyl products at lower acrylic levels


Additional Durastrength® products for fence, deck and rail applications include:

  • Durastrength® 200
  • Durastrength® 200H
  • Durastrength® 350
  • Durastrength® 535

Plastistrength® processing aids

Plastistrength® processing aids for fence, deck and rail applications provide aid to the processing of PVC by decreasing plate out and promoting fusion.


Plastistrength® products for fence, deck and rail applications include the following:

  • Plastistrength® 530 is a very high molecular weight processing aid that improves processability to high output extrusion, foam and highly filled compounds as in those found in wood-polymer composites
  • Plastistrength® 770 is a lubricating acrylic process aid that has been designed to improve  processability through the exceptional metal release properties that it delivers to vinyl compounds


Additional Plastistrength® products for fence, deck and rail applications include:

  • Plastistrength® 550
  • Plastistrength® 551
  • Plastistrength® 557