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Arkema plastic additives for film and sheet applications

Arkema’s modifiers offer high-performance products for a wide variety of applications including film and sheet.

Clearstrength® impact modifiers

Developed for clear packaging applications, Arkema’s Clearstrength® impact modifiers have a large presence in production of film and sheet products, offering superb impact resistance.


Clearstrength® products used in film and sheet are as follows:

  • Clearstrength® 223 is a general purpose impact modifier, intended for opaque sheet applications. Clearstrength® impact modifiers contribute to the uniformity of PVC compounds
  • Clearstrength® W300 is an acrylic impact modifier used in outdoor applications due to its high quality clarity, weatherability and impact strength
  • Clearstrength® 859 provides the highest impact strength of the Clearstrength® impact modifiers product line. Designed for opaque sheet applications, Clearstrength® 859 provides outstanding lot to lot consistency and high quality

Plastistrength® process aids

Arkema’s Plastistrength® process aids have been developed with the intent to improve formulation metal release properties in extrusion and calendaring applications for film and sheet.


  • Plastistrength® 550 is a medium molecular weight acrylic process aid. It was designed to augment processability for both rigid and flexible vinyl compounds.
  • Plastistrength® 551 is a medium-high molecular weight acrylic process aid. Its purpose is to improve processability at low use levels to rigid and flexible vinyl compounds.
  • Plastistrength® L1000 is an acrylic lubricant, developed to provide excellent metal release characteristics and have little effect on clarity, heat stability, chemical resistance and physical properties. These qualities make it the perfect choice of lubricant for calendaring.


Plastistrength® L1000 lubricant is only available in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe.


Other Plastistrength® film and sheet products include: