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Arkema plastic additives for pipe and fitting applications

High-performance acrylic and MBS impact modifiers from Arkema are used within a variety of PVC applications.

Arkema produces a large product range of acrylic modifiers and process aids with pipe and fittings in mind. Clearstrength®, Durastrength® and Plastistrength®  help provide high mechanical strength, rigidity, hardness and excellent chemical resistance properties to your pipe and fitting formulations.

Durastrength® impact modifiers

Arkema’s Durastrength® impact modifiers are free-flowing powders created for excellent performance and cost for piping. Durastrength® offers extreme weatherability and heat stability in addition to increased impact strength, even at low temperatures.


Durastrength® 535 impact modifier is a highly efficient pipe fitting modifier and offers formulation flexibility through outstanding impact resistance and processability.


For more than 25 years, Durastrength® 200 has been the leading impact modifier used in exterior durable building products.


Additional Durastrength® products for pipe and fittings include the following:

Plastistrength® process aids

Plastistrength® processing aids benefit PVC processing in a variety of ways. They provide enhanced formulation metal release properties in extrusion and calendaring applications and they promote fusion and improve melt strength, while eliminating surface defects and decreasing plate out. In addition, they deliver improved cost performance versus traditional lubricant packages.


Plastistrength® products for pipe and fittings include: