Arkema plastic additives for Automotive applications

Impact modifiers for Thermoplastic applications

Clearstrength® & Durastrength® impact modifiers used in automotive parts for their impact strength properties include:


  • Clearstrength® E920: is general purpose MBS impact modifier with cold impact resistance and colorability properties to engineering polymers: PC, PC Alloys and in particularly PC/ABS, PET, PBT
  • Clearstrength® E950: in addition of E920 properties, E950 is a MBS impact modifier particularly suitable for PC, PC Alloys and particularly PC/PBT, PC/PET, PET, PBT, PA


  • Durastrength® 480: s an acrylic impact modifier designed to bring excellent impact properties and cold temperature toughness to engineering polymers, such as PC, PC Alloys and in particularly PC/ABS, PBT, PET, PBT; while preserving weatherability


Toughener for Thermoset applications

Clearstrength® range is also proposing toughener additives suitable for Composites and Structural adhesives formulations which are used in Automotive applications:


  • Clearstrength® XT100: is a MBS core-shell toughener in powder form, easily dispersible in most resin liquid systems, which provides an outstanding toughening effect in a wide range of service temperatures, while exhibiting a limited impact on host resins viscosity