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Arkema toughener additives for Composites and Structural adhesives

Clearstrength® tougheners for Thermoset applications

Clearstrength® range was extended with a new toughener additive devoted to high performance Composite Materials and Structural Adhesives formulations, to meet the technical requirements of a wide range of applications such as Building and Construction, Transportations, Sport Equipments and Medical Devices.


Clearstrength® tougheners which are suitable for structural adhesives and high performance composites applications include:

  • Clearstrength® XT100: is a MBS core-shell toughener powder designed for thermoset applications such as structural adhesives and high performance composites. Contrary to conventional core-shell tougheners, Clearstrength® XT100 is easily dispersible in most liquid resin systems, provides a superior toughening effect with a limited impact on host resins viscosity