Arkema plastic additives for window and door applications for Americas and Asia

Durastrength® impact modifiers

Durastrength®  acrylic impact modifiers were developed to enhance cost performance in PVC profiles, as well as provide excellent weatherability and improve processing with better flow.


Durastrength® impact modifiers for window and door applications include:

  • Durastrength® 535  is an acrylic impact modifier that provides outstanding impact properties for rigid PVC products and well suited to outdoor PVC applications
  • Durastrength® 506 is a multi-functional acrylic modifier developed to provide excellent room and low temperature impact offering unequaled ease of processing
  • Durastrength® 200 is the leading impact modifier for exterior building products for the last 25 years


Additional Durastrength® products for window and door applications include:

Plastistrength® processing aids

Plastistrength® processing aids for window and door applications provide help in processing of PVC by promoting fusion and improving metal strength.


Plastistrength® products for windows and doors include:

  • Plastistrength® 576 is a processing aid which provides lower processing temperatures than competitors, in addition to a significantly extended processing window for PVC producers
  • Plastistrength® 550 is a medium molecular weight processing aid designed to improve processability among rigid and flexible vinyl compounds


Additional Plastistrength® processing aids used in window and door applications include: